<div class="ExternalClassCD63E0935A73433485924AD388879F7D"><p>​</p><div class="ExternalClassFE46AA5B3E6F4D5E82112698BD9EFB2A"><p>​The completion of the new Pick n Pay and the associated vehicle and pedestrian tunnel that links Victoria Wharf and Breakwater Parking Garages has been highly anticipated but also brings with it a few changes.</p><p>Prior to the completion of the tunnel, which has essentially created a super basement and on grade parking for the new generation Pick n Pay, Victoria Wharf and Breakwater Parking Garages were entirely separate, with different entrances.</p><p>The section in Breakwater Parking Garage basement, which is now linked by the tunnel, will be renamed VICTORIA WHARF EXTENSION. In this particular section of the parking, the R10 for four hours will no longer be applicable, as it reverts to Victoria Wharf parking tariffs. The R10 rate for four hours rate will still apply to the other two levels of parking in Breakwater.</p><p>To ease confusion initially, parking attendants will be stationed at the entrance to Victoria Wharf Extension (formerly Breakwater basement) to alert visitors that they are entering a higher tariff parking area.</p><p>A new bay monitoring system has been installed in both Victoria Wharf and the extension to assist visitors in finding an empty bay, which we anticipate will be particularly useful during peak visitation times.</p><p>Granger Bay Parking Garage is now incorporated into Breakwater and is named as such.</p><p>Breakwater Parking Garage entrances are found on Beach Rd, Dock Rd and Granger Bay Boulevard. As the Victoria Wharf Extension is accessible from the Breakwater Parking Garage, it may also be accessed from these entrances.</p><p>The Victoria Wharf Parking Garage may be accessed from Breakwater Boulevard at two separate entrances; one at the traffic circle near Incredible Connection, and another at the circle near the Table Bay Hotel.</p><p>Portswood Parking Garage, situated across the road from the Two Ocean Aquarium has more than 950 bays available. From here you can easily access the Market on the Wharf, Jou Ma se Comedy Club and favourites like Mitchells, Ferryman's and the Cape Wheel.</p><p>Parking at the Clock Tower has recently been extended with the development of the Silo District. This parking garage is easily accessible from the Walter Sisulu entrance to the V&A and is a 5 minute leisurely stroll, crossing the swing bridge and approaching Victoria Wharf from the Cape Wheel side. On your walk, you will also pass Mondiall Brasserie (open 29 November 2013), and you can stop to frame Table Mountain in your picture with the new Seven Wonders frame.</p><p><em>Linger Longer</em> is applicable across the property. From 6pm to 10pm, you can park anywhere for R10 for this four hour period.</p></div></div>2013-11-12T22:00:00Z



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