<div class="ExternalClass11C57C398186436B871A7893E91C8979"><p>​The Robinson Dry Dock and adjacent bridge have been temporarily closed for repairs. </p><div class="ExternalClass7940206284914F258BAA6CA6CA9FA2A7"><p>As the oldest operating dry dock in the Southern Hemisphere, this historical landmark needs love and care in the unexpected repairs that are necessary from time to time. One such repair currently required is the caisson, the watertight retaining structure that provides the crossing over the dock. </p><p>Unfortunately, the only way to repair the seal that has failed is to remove the entire structure and tow it away with a tug to the Sturrock dry dock. </p><p>While we work to repair the seal, pedestrians will be redirected along the following two routes: </p><p>Coming from the Cape Grace side: Along North Wharf to the Two Ocean Aquarium and out at Dock Road.</p><p>Coming from the V&A Market on the Wharf: Along Dock Road via the Two Oceans Aquarium and along North Wharf.</p><p>We realise this will add time to your walk, but the situation is temporary while we carry out the necessary repair. </p><p>We hope to have everything back as it was by 23 June.</p><p>A temporary measure we investigated was a water taxi, but with no suitable landing steps this was not a viable option. </p><p>Please bear with us during this repair.</p></div></div><img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/News%20Images/Robinson%20Dry%20Dock.jpg?RenditionID=8" width="265" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />2014-06-05T22:00:00Z



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