<div class="ExternalClass7FF8D8E489364A2B9FDCA40B7CE04DE1"><p>​<span style="font-family:tahoma;color:#000000;line-height:normal;">This year, the V&A Waterfront’s annual NYE celebration takes on a different format. The event will take on a carnival atmosphere with the main areas of the property being divided into five ‘zones’. Each zone will be activated at a different time while each zone’s activity continues on from the last. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">We want to create a property-wide festival feeling, with something for everyone, while creating a sense of excitement, surprise and anticipation from arrival and throughout the evening. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Activation Zones:</strong> </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">* Amphitheatre </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">* Clock Tower Square </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">* Outside the V&A Hotel </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">* Nobel Square </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">* Pierhead </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Getting here </strong></span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">To avoid traffic congestion, enter the V&A Waterfront via Green Point or consider the Portswood Rd or Granger Bay Boulevard entrances, as this will help to alleviate the congestion on Dock Road. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Where to park </strong></span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">The V&A Waterfront has seven parking garages. The garages fill up very quickly, so if you’d like to get a prime parking spot, get here early. We can recommend the Silo parking garage on the Clock Tower side of the property and Portswood Parking Garages. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Public transport available </strong></span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;font-family:times;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">The My CiTi bus service will be running as per normal to the V&A Waterfront. The last My CiTi bus to depart from the V&A to the Civic Centre leaves at 1am. We have also partnered with UBER, for first time users, use the code ‘VAholiday’ and receive R150 off your first ride. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Toilet facilities </strong></span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">Apart from the toilet facilities found across the property, additional facilities can be found: </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">1. Behind the Port Captain's Building</span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">2. Opposite Yacht Squadron </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">3. The area outside Cape Town Comedy Club </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">4. Next to the Bascule Bridge </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Prayer room facilities </strong></span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">Facilities are available within the Union Castle Building behind the Cape Wheel. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Fireworks: pet safety </strong></span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">There will be a fireworks display at midnight. We are mindful that this can be frightening for animals and would like to alert pet owners living in the vicinity to ensure their pets are kept safe and secure during the display. There are Rescue Remedy tablets available at the Info Kiosk should you wish to give these to your dog a few hours before midnight. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Alcohol consumption </strong></span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">No alcohol may be consumed in public spaces, as per the law – this will be strictly monitored by security at all times. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Food offering </strong></span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">The V&A Waterfront has more than 80 eateries. This includes the Food Court and an array of restaurants. Additional Food Trucks will be located outside the Alfred Mall and on Pierhead. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Personal safety </strong></span></p><p style="color:#000000;font-family:times;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">Please ensure that you look after your personal belongings at all times. Should anything go wrong, chat to any one of our security guards as soon as possible. SAPS will also be on site. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">Important telephone numbers </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">Paramedics: ER 24: 084 124 Security Office: 021 408 7708 / 021 408 7709 / 021 408 7710 </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">Information Kiosk: (open until midnight) 021 4087600 </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Lost children </strong></span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">As a precaution, you can collect a wristband from the Information Kiosk and fill in your child’s name and your contact details. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">If you find a lost child take them to the nearest security guard or to the Information Kiosk. </span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;"><strong>Leaving the V&A </strong></span></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"></p><p style="color:#000000;line-height:normal;"><span style="font-family:tahoma;">Remember that there will also be traffic congestion when leaving the V&A. Thousands of people will be leaving the property at the same time so you can expect queues at the parking pay stations, while leaving the parking garages and leaving the property as a result of the traffic congestion in the City. The entertainment carries on until 1am. So why not stay a little longer to avoid the traffic when​​ leaving the property.​</span></p></div>2015-12-30T22:00:00Z



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