<div class="ExternalClassE9490E4207A94A96B3A4D3C748950FBD"><p>​The <strong>V&A Waterfront</strong> is raising the bar on its free <strong>annual New Year celebration,</strong> bringing fireworks and festival elements to the country’s<strong> <a href="/events/overview"><span style="color:#003963;">largest New Year’s Eve party this year​</span></a></strong>. In addition to the spectacular midnight fireworks display visitors have come to love, this year’s celebrations will take on a festival atmosphere, with different entertainment zones and various carnival-like performers keeping visitors entertained.<br><br></p><p>The annual celebrations are one of the <strong>biggest New Year’s Eve parties on the African continent.</strong> Crowds in each entertainment zone will be treated to a sensory experience of colour and activity with characters and floats from the Cape Town Carnival, buskers, jugglers, and energetic displays by Zip Zap Circus performers. Free live bands and the likes of Jimmy Nevis and Chad Saaiman performing in each zone will get everyone in the mood to party, while restaurant tenants and caterers operating from food trucks will be available for those feeling a little peckish.</p><div><br></div></div>2015-09-14T22:00:00Z



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