<div class="ExternalClass256503B92110482B9F0BC0FFD0A2AF4C"><p>Along with the rest of the country, we are also affected by load shedding. Although we do have generators to supply power, these extend only to the public areas and essential services, so this does mean that many of our tenants and activities will be affected.</p><p>Here’s a quick guide to what you can expect should load-shedding schedules come into play. </p><p>Do keep in mind which stage of load shedding is currently underway, as this will also impact how the V&A is affected. </p><p><strong>1. What grid is the V&A on?</strong><br>We are on grid seven.</p><p><strong>2. What areas are affected and which services will still be running?</strong><br>We have generators and a power supply that covers the main public areas in the malls, and essential services such as lift safety systems, lighting and security. However, individual restaurants and shops will be affected, and most will have to shut their doors while the power is out.</p><p><strong>3. What about the parking garages?</strong><br>Generators will be on to continue lighting these areas, and the booms and pay stations will still work. If these are affected for any reason by a power outage, the booms will be opened so that people can leave. </p><p><strong>4. What happens to the lifts?</strong><br>All of the lifts automatically go into emergency mode during a power failure – this means they will go down to the basement level and the doors will open.</p><p><strong>5. What happens to the escalators?</strong><br>The escalators will be switched off.</p><p><strong>6. Will restaurants still be operating?</strong><br>All restaurants will be affected, but some will be able to continue serving some items on their menu. [Even those that cook on gas are reliant on the extraction systems that are powered by electricity, and so cannot continue to cook].</p><p><strong>7. Will all of the shops have to close their doors during load shedding?</strong><br>Most of the shops will be affected and most will close their doors. Woolworths and Pick n Pay do have their own generators and will usually continue to operate. </p><p><strong>8. What happens to the cinemas?</strong><br>The cinemas are affected by power outages – visitors who have booked tickets to see a film should contact the respective cinema to arrange a refund.</p><p><strong>9. What happens to the events and acts that are scheduled to play at the Amphitheatre?</strong><br>Acts and other entertainment planned for the Amphitheatre unfortunately will either move to other time slots, or be cancelled.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page or Twitter feed for updates on changes to the published schedules.</p><p><strong>10. What lights are on during load shedding? </strong><br>All emergency lights and all buildings have emergency lights in the common areas.</p><p><strong>11. Are any of the hotels using generators? </strong><br>The following hotels have generators: <br>City Lodge, Cape Grace, One & Only, Breakwater Lodge, Table Bay, Commodore and Portswood.<br>The following hotels do not have generators and will be affected by power outages: V&A Hotel, Queen Victoria and Dockhouse</p><p><strong>12. I live at the V&A Waterfront, are our apartments connected to the generator?</strong><br>Residential Developments are attached to generators but only for essential services.</p><p><strong>13. I work at the V&A Waterfront, are my offices connected to the generator?</strong><br>Offices are connected to the generators, but only for essential services. Some individual tenants will have their own generators – they can be contacted to provide individual updates. </p><p><strong>14. Which of the various attractions, if any, have generators? </strong><br>None of the attractions have generators with the exception of the Cape Wheel and the Two Oceans Aquarium.  This emergency generator on the Cape Wheel is only for the safe disembarking of members of the public.   <br>The following attractions will close down or stop serving customers in times of power outages:<br>• Robben Island Museum<br>• Cave Golf<br>• Tigger 2<br>• Jolly Roger<br>• Scratch Patch</p><p><strong>15. Why does the V&A Waterfront not buy generators for the whole property?</strong><br>The purchasing, maintenance and fuel needed for generators are extremely expensive, and to power the whole of the V&A would run into hundreds of millions in costs. We have invested our time and money in ensuring that the V&A Waterfront is as energy efficient as possible - to that effect we have reduced our power consumption by more than 26% since 2009.  We are also currently exploring the use of solar power.  Unfortunately due to the size of the V&A Waterfront we can only supply generators for emergency purposes.  </p><p><strong>16. How can I find out more about load shedding and schedules?</strong><br>Please refer to <a href="http://www.capetown.gov.za/en/electricity/Pages/LoadShedding.aspx">http://www.capetown.gov.za/en/electricity/Pages/LoadShedding.aspx</a> <br>The situation changes hourly and they have regular updates. </p></div>2014-12-04T22:00:00Z



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