<div class="ExternalClass78EE68FC85C04068B2B2A885864BA291"><p>​</p><div class="ExternalClassE038D94E5D0C43A6A12A8A52AF10BB6F"><p>Affectionately named Elliot by the team that constructed the installation, the Coca-Cola® Crate Fan has stood proudly at Cape Town's V&A Waterfront since 2010, a legacy of Coca-Cola's partnership with the FIFA World Cup. Standing 15 metres high and consisting of over 2600 red Coca-Cola® crates, the structure was initially intended to stand for one year but three years down the line it is still a much loved and visited feature of the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.<br> <br>The construction of the Coca-Cola® Crate Fan was in itself an engineering feat. Being able to keep such a huge structure stable, meant that the foundations needed to include steel cabling, giant water bottles, weighted sandbags and further reinforcements along the harbour wall to support the weight. The dismantling of the structure involves a rigid program and vigilant procedures including barricading the entire surrounding area off and using carefully positioned scaffolding so that the crates can be removed one by one and lowered to the ground using ropes. </p><p>Although this is the end of the road for Elliot, it is not the end of Coca-Cola's® presence at the V&A Waterfront. "Elliot has been a fantastic ambassador for our brand but we are in discussions with the V&A Waterfront team on a new installation to delight and engage visitors. It is sad to bid farewell to Elliot but we are redirecting the crates into a recycling program with our bottling partner, Peninsula Beverages, that will benefit the local community and increase awareness of the importance of sustainability in South Africa", comments Donnay Carter, Brand Manager, Coca-Cola South Africa.</p><p><strong>Questions and Answers- Coca-Cola® Crate Fan</strong></p><p><strong>Question 1:</strong><br><strong><em>When is the Coca-Cola® Crate Fan being dismantled?</em></strong><br><br>The dismantling process will begin on 24 June 2013 and the full process will take 3-4 weeks.</p><p><strong>Question 2:</strong><br><strong><em>Why is the Coca-Cola® Crate Fan being dismantled?</em></strong><br><br>The Coca-Cola® Crate Fan was constructed in 2010 for the FIFA World Cup and was initially only going to stand for one year. The public loved Coca-Cola® Crate Fan so much that it was decided to keep the installation up, however every structure has a lifespan and after three years, it is time for Coca-Cola® Crate Fan to be dismantled.</p><p><strong>Question 3:</strong><br><strong><em>What will happen to all of the Coca-Cola® crates?</em></strong><br><br>Every Coca-Cola® crate used in the assembly of Coca-Cola® Crate Fan will be individually removed from the structure. All the crates from the structure will be used in a recycling program in partnership with our bottling partner in the Western Cape, Peninsula Beverages, to benefit the local community.</p><p><strong>Question 4:</strong><br><strong><em>Will there be any last photo opportunities with the Coca-Cola® Crate Fan?</em></strong><br><br>The media and public are welcome to take pictures with the Coca-Cola®   Crate Fan, but once the dismantling process starts the area will be fenced off and no access to Coca-Cola® Crate Fan will be possible, for safety reasons. </p><p><strong>Question 5:</strong><br><strong><em>Is the dismantling of the Coca-Cola® Crate Fan safe?</em></strong><br><br>A qualified team and specific processes and procedures have been put in place to ensure that Coca-Cola® Crate Fan is dismantled as safely as possible. The full area will be fenced off and there will be new scaffolding erected around the structure as each element will be dismantled individually and lowered to the ground with rope. All the individuals working at the site are trained, and will be securely harnessed throughout the exercise. </p><p><strong>Question 6:</strong><br><strong><em>How long will the dismantling of the Coca-Cola® Crate Fan take?</em></strong><br><br>The preparation and the dismantling will take approximately 3-4 weeks and we anticipate that by the end of July 2013 the entire project will be complete. </p><p><strong>Question 7:</strong><br><strong><em>Will Coca-Cola® Crate Fan ever be brought back?</em></strong><br><br>This is the end of the road for Coca-Cola® Crate Fan as we know it. Coca-Cola® is in discussions with the V & A Waterfront on a replacement installation and the intention is to have this in place before the end of 2013.</p></div></div>2013-06-23T22:00:00Z



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