2016-11-26T22:00:00Z9WatershedReal bodies. Real science. A real experience. The block busting BODY WORLDS Vital exhibition opens on 9 August.  Presenting another Chapter of the BODY WORLDS experience, visitors will get to view 16 (never before been seen in Cape Town) full body plastinates including the erogenous floating couple as well as  over 160 organs and transparent body slices which show how the body works when it is healthy, and explores how best to fight life-threatening diseases. BODY WORLDS Vital allows visitors to see how lifestyle choices affect the body. The intriguing Anatomical Mirror mimics a visitor’s movements, virtually peeling back the layers of the user’s body.  Amazing, inspirational and interactive technology, captivating all from Grade 5 learner to experienced healthcare professional.The plastinated bodies on display have all been willed by donors for Plastination. This unique conservation process, invented by trail-blazing anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens  has rendered the specimens dry and odourless. Over 16.000 people are currently registered in the body donation program administered by the Institute for Plastination in Heidelberg, Germany.40 million plus people from over 90 countries can’t be wrong, including over 300,000 South Africans.  Don’t be left wondering, BUY your ticket now.  COSTWeekdays outside school holidays:Adult (18 years+): R120; Child (6-17 years): R100; Child 5 years & younger: free; Family package of 4: R360; Groups (10+): R100 per personWeekends & school holidays:Adult (18 years+): R160; Child (6-17 years): R100; Child 5 years & younger: free; Family package of 4: R440TICKETSPre-bookings: www.webtickets.co.za and www.bodyworldsvital.co.zaBook on arrival: at the exhibition (subject to availability)School groups: please visit www.bodyworldsvital.co.za/schoolsGP0|#7ccdc7d9-6e1b-4ee7-920a-61db1a388eb5;L0|#07ccdc7d9-6e1b-4ee7-920a-61db1a388eb5|Portswood Garage;GTSet|#77ffa18a-c716-4e28-9e0f-14946dccab8f071 547 5558 info@greatworld.co.zawww.bodyworldsvital.co.zahttps://www.facebook.com/greatworldexhibitionssa/?fref=tshttps://twitter.com/BodyWorldsVitalReal bodies. Real science. Really amazinginfo@greatworld.co.za<img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/Home%20Page%20Images/BWV%20380x253.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#1d86d341-0eaa-4d67-97a2-d77258073d8e;L0|#01d86d341-0eaa-4d67-97a2-d77258073d8e|Family;GTSet|#75375da6-0815-46ce-a6c6-47b9173f8b3101<img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/Home%20Page%20Images/BWV-265x180.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><div class="ExternalClass77FFD58D645D41E1B5744D588B33699B"><p>​Pre-bookings: <a href="https://www.webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=1461910092&promoterid=1463885794">https://www.webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=1461910092&promoterid=1463885794</a> and <a href="http://www.bodyworldsvital.co.za/">www.bodyworldsvital.co.za</a><br>Book on arrival: at the exhibition (subject to availability)<br>School groups: please visit <a href="http://www.bodyworldsvital.co.za/schools">www.bodyworldsvital.co.za/schools</a></p></div>10h00 - 19h00Adult (18 years+): R160; Child (6-17 years): R100; Family package of 4: R440GP0|#acf45824-4f8f-4707-9568-f4e4be580ef4;L0|#0acf45824-4f8f-4707-9568-f4e4be580ef4|body-worlds-vital;GTSet|#8dbb8159-f73a-4db5-89b5-12dd3cd66408Jubilee HallReal bodies. Real science. Really amazing!