2018-01-30T22:00:00Z5Granger Bay near The LookoutA true farmer’s market with an abundance of fresh, local, organic veg, fruit & artisanal fare. <div class="ExternalClass21A759516BA04BC893FEA80945BC1664"><div>If magnificent multicoloured organically grown carrots are on your shopping list, along with curly kale, rainbow chard and a taste of old-fashioned community spirit, stock up at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market Day.&#160; This Non Profit Organisation is tying to change the way food is grown and distributed in cities and they’re reconnecting people with the story of food from farm to fork.Held every Saturday from 9am to 2pm at Granger Bay, V&A Waterfront, the OZCF Market Day is a cheerleader for local produce helping the artisanal culture to flourish in Cape Town.It’s a wonderfully relaxing place to do your weekly food shopping –&#160; with views of Table Bay and Robben Island - you’ll find fresh-from-the-patch veggies and herbs, fruit, bread, organic dairy products, free-range eggs, raw honey, muesli, and ethically sourced meats and seafood. Plus, there’s an incredible array of artisanal food stalls selling amazing cooked and raw dishes for all palates and preferences, from carnivores to vegans, chocoholics to diabetics. There is plenty of outdoor seating, space for the kids and dogs, and a family-friendly vibe.The stand-out stalls are the OZCF’s veg and fruit tent, Spades & Spoons’s vegan and raw ready-to-eat food, Happy Hens’s free-range chicken, duck eggs and yoghurt, and Woodstock Bakery’s fresh breads. The Market trades every Saturday throughout the year, including 24 and 31December 2016.</div></div>GP0|#fb50731b-4041-42a2-9f69-f7f0857d4f50;L0|#0fb50731b-4041-42a2-9f69-f7f0857d4f50|Granger Bay Garage;GTSet|#77ffa18a-c716-4e28-9e0f-14946dccab8f+27 03 628 3426cityfarm@ozcf.co.zahttps://www.facebook.com/OZCFarmhttps://twitter.com/OZCFarmhttp://instagram.com/OZCFarmozcf, market, food marketSheryl Ozinsky<img alt="Oranjezicht City Farm Market Day" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/Event%20Images/OZCF-Granger-Bay-market-promo-image-1-380x258.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#1d86d341-0eaa-4d67-97a2-d77258073d8e;L0|#01d86d341-0eaa-4d67-97a2-d77258073d8e|Family;GTSet|#75375da6-0815-46ce-a6c6-47b9173f8b31GP0|#1340a35c-5e78-405b-8648-d07b4d01a854;L0|#01340a35c-5e78-405b-8648-d07b4d01a854|December;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d801<img alt="Oranjezicht City Farm Market Day" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/Event%20Images/OZCF-Granger-Bay-market-promo-image-1-265x180.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><div class="ExternalClassEAF09A7C92E24032994F95AB77E6C4A7"><p>​N/A</p></div>9:00 - 14:00FreeGP0|#11f06e2b-09a4-48ca-a558-624d6af1a86c;L0|#011f06e2b-09a4-48ca-a558-624d6af1a86c|Oranjezicht-City-Farm-Market-Day;GTSet|#8dbb8159-f73a-4db5-89b5-12dd3cd66408Granger Bay near The LookoutThe OZCF Market is a true farmer’s market with an abundance of fresh, local, organic veg, fruit & artisanal fare.