2015-06-23T22:00:00Z3Watershed, V&A WaterfrontAlready home to some of Africa’s most inspired art, craft and design, The Watershed at the V&A Waterfront will continue its celebration of local creativity with the introduction of the Good Night Market to Cape Town’s monthly calendar.<div>​​Housed within The&#160;Watershed, the Good Night Market will open on the last Wednesday of each month and showcase all things creative. Each month, the market will go above and beyond a focal creative showcase, bringing live music, food trucks and a drinks bar to the space to entertain visitors on their meander around the market’s offerings.​ Below is the creative showcase for&#160;June Good Night Market&#58;67 Blankets Projects This is an excellent opportunity for Capetonians to get ready for Nelson Mandela Day in July. Join us to make a donation of wool and needles, see some of the works of love on display or add to your skills by learning how to crochet and knit.Each blanket is a work of love that is shared with somebody in need in all corners of South Africa. &#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;Toy Exhibition curated by Cape Town Museum of ChildhoodInnovation by Silicon Cape & Workshop17&#160;</div>GP0|#7ccdc7d9-6e1b-4ee7-920a-61db1a388eb5;L0|#07ccdc7d9-6e1b-4ee7-920a-61db1a388eb5|Portswood Garage;GTSet|#77ffa18a-c716-4e28-9e0f-14946dccab8f021 408 7600events@waterfront.co.zahttps://www.facebook.com/VandAWaterfronthttps://twitter.com/VandAWaterfront<img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/PublishingImages/VandA%20JUNE_WEBSITE%20380x420.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#1d86d341-0eaa-4d67-97a2-d77258073d8e;L0|#01d86d341-0eaa-4d67-97a2-d77258073d8e|Family;GTSet|#75375da6-0815-46ce-a6c6-47b9173f8b31GP0|#39662898-bf68-4620-a73a-31f09225d50c;L0|#039662898-bf68-4620-a73a-31f09225d50c|June;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d801<img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/PublishingImages/VandA%20W%20JUNEWEBSITE_265x180.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><div class="ExternalClass6FF0E696FD4A47BC8D8CD6645AAA0D87"><p>​N/A</p></div>18h00 - 21h00FreeGP0|#9d9cf634-1ee4-4188-8fe4-2ec2e6a65a78;L0|#09d9cf634-1ee4-4188-8fe4-2ec2e6a65a78|June-Good-Night-Market;GTSet|#8dbb8159-f73a-4db5-89b5-12dd3cd66408Watershed, V&A WaterfrontGood Night Market; design; craft; creativity; markets; food trucks; craft beer; Watershed; entertainment