2015-05-30T22:00:00Z3Begin at Granger Bay’s viewing platform (opposite MyCiTi bus stop) and finishing at Market on the WharfSuzie Joubert will bring alive the V&A’s rich history and happenings for her first Culture Connect SA tour. Our route is based on her award-winning book, Waterfront Walkabout for young explorers which will be given to everyone on the tour. Starting at Granger Bay’s viewing platform, we finish at Market on the Wharf with lunch.<div>​Floating fish factories, firing ranges, first-class art – see the V&A differently during this three hour tour. It is for all ages but best for children over six years (over eights can be unaccompanied). There will be light refreshments at the Zeitz MOCAA pavilion before relaxing at Market on the Wharf with a light lunch you can choose with the R50 voucher. Whatever the weather, the event will happen and it will be repeated on 31 Oct 2015 at 3pm. Book before 28 May to avoid both disappointment and paying an extra R100.</div>GP0|#fb50731b-4041-42a2-9f69-f7f0857d4f50;L0|#0fb50731b-4041-42a2-9f69-f7f0857d4f50|Granger Bay Garage;GTSet|#77ffa18a-c716-4e28-9e0f-14946dccab8fkate@cultureconnectsa.comhttps://www.facebook.com/CultureConnectSA?ref=hlhttps://twitter.com/Culture_SAheritage, tour, families, culture, guide<img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/PublishingImages/mahau%20sculpture.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#1d86d341-0eaa-4d67-97a2-d77258073d8e;L0|#01d86d341-0eaa-4d67-97a2-d77258073d8e|Family;GTSet|#75375da6-0815-46ce-a6c6-47b9173f8b31GP0|#d40ddaac-ac16-4a62-ae4a-6f7375ad82cd;L0|#0d40ddaac-ac16-4a62-ae4a-6f7375ad82cd|May;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d801<img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/PublishingImages/Waterfront%20walkabouts%20265x180.tiff" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><div class="ExternalClassA3E922F6FECE443389C4A2612633F7F0"><p>Order tickets from: <a href="mailto:kate@cultureconnectsa.com">kate@cultureconnectsa.com</a></p></div>09h30 - 13h30​ R200 pre 28 May and R150 for siblings; add R100 for late bookings. Fee includes free guide book and R50 market voucher.GP0|#71af6ed3-b0eb-4c96-813c-3a2312243f3f;L0|#071af6ed3-b0eb-4c96-813c-3a2312243f3f|Culture-Connects-Waterfront-Family-Tour;GTSet|#8dbb8159-f73a-4db5-89b5-12dd3cd66408Granger Bayheritage, tour, families, culture, guide