GP0|#7f9a7b89-1278-4466-8c81-e71dd379d760;L0|#07f9a7b89-1278-4466-8c81-e71dd379d760|Victoria Wharf;GTSet|#373e2367-d428-41f7-8845-779fe6b0af3fOngoing research and development keeps Twisp on the revolutionary edge. It’s the intelligent, innovative alternative without the harmful effects of burning tobacco, without smoke, tar and carbon monoxide. In trend towards vapour products, Twisp technology delivers the ultimate in functionality with finesse - and our flavours have been specially developed to enhance your experience. Our extraordinary Twisp Flavours are pharmaceutically engineered to ensure superior flavour and aroma. Twisp adheres to the strictest of standards and all the variants in our Twisp Flavour ranges are produced in Cape Town through a licensed pharmaceutical laboratory, according to strict MCC and Ecita US requirements. Our philosophy of extensive self-regulation ensures safety, purity and consistent quality – and we use natural ingredients where possible, sourced all over globe to create the most authentic and vivid flavour experience twisp_sa<p>​​South Africa’s leading electronic cigarette brand.</p>Kiosk is situated opposite Fossil. <img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/SHOP%20Image%20List/T/Landscape%20Image.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />TwispGP0|#40dbfa6a-1c9f-4c7f-8e7f-bf501ee3e655;L0|#040dbfa6a-1c9f-4c7f-8e7f-bf501ee3e655|Breakwater Garage;GTSet|#66350d48-bdbd-451d-ba1b-946c4cbd3b47<img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/SHOP%20Image%20List/T/Twisp%20logo.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/SHOP%20Image%20List/T/Flavour%20product%20shot%20.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/SHOP%20Image%20List/T/Flavour%20product%20shot%202.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />+27 81 382 6164 UCmxCcFl3pC7ec7NCqSu2EDQ|#9aa3e2bb-2346-410e-83c6-7568a51df27e;L0|#09aa3e2bb-2346-410e-83c6-7568a51df27e|Speciality, Curios and Gifts;GTSet| Waterfront | TwispTwisp, established in 2008, is South Africa’s leading provider of premium smoking alternatives. Situated at the V&A Waterfront.0