0GP0|#7f9a7b89-1278-4466-8c81-e71dd379d760;L0|#07f9a7b89-1278-4466-8c81-e71dd379d760|Victoria Wharf;GTSet|#373e2367-d428-41f7-8845-779fe6b0af3fHamleys unique retail experience includes opportunities for children to play, engaging store design, expertise in service and amazing toy demonstration. Our stores boasts thousands of toys ranging from the traditional to the high-tech, games and puzzles to arts and crafts, magic, radio control toys and the Luvley Boutique. And of course you will always be able to pick up an iconic Hamleys Teddy Bear! Toys should be fun! At Hamleys we focus on ‘bringing toys to life’ for families and children all over the world. This is achieved by actively encouraging children to try the toys in store, through self-demonstration or by engaging with our expert toy demonstrators. Memories underpin the essence of the Hamleys brand. On a visit to Hamleys you can expect meet Hamley Bear, a Rag Doll or Toy soldier and on special occasions you may even get to meet your favorite character like Barbie, Peppa Pig or The teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All this takes place in an exciting environment, filled with thousands music, colour, iconic features and 255 years of experience. managementVandA@hamleys.co.zahttps://www.facebook.com/HamleysSouthAfricahttp://instagram.com/HamleysSA​​​​​The Finest Toy Shop in the World that brings toys to life. Come and play with all the squeaking, bleeping, whizzing and chiming of toys, you hear children laughing excitedly as they stare in awe at the sheer choice of over 15,000 toys. Hamleys is more than just a toy shop….we create memories that will last a life time.Shop KWH1, Lower Level, Victoria Wharf Kings Warehouse<img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/PublishingImages/hamleys-store-detail-595x220.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />021 418 2927HamleysGP0|#3effe7d6-565c-43e5-bcee-5b52f4117ee4;L0|#03effe7d6-565c-43e5-bcee-5b52f4117ee4|Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre Garage;GTSet|#66350d48-bdbd-451d-ba1b-946c4cbd3b47<img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/PublishingImages/Lists/SHOP%20List/All%20Items%20View/hamleys-listing265x185.jpg" width="272" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/PublishingImages/Lists/SHOP%20List/All%20Items%20View/hamleys-store-detail-132x107-01.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/PublishingImages/Lists/SHOP%20List/All%20Items%20View/hamleys-store-detail-132x107-02.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />021 4182927https://twitter.com/HamleysSA GP0|#b10e1744-2a5d-41ef-8891-c379ce183725;L0|#0b10e1744-2a5d-41ef-8891-c379ce183725|Games, Hobbies and Toys;GTSet|#01ea5f03-4e62-4b20-b4f5-e1fbf43cc654www.hamleys.co.zahttps://www.youtube.com/channel/HamleysN/AV&A Waterfront | HamleysVisit Hamleys, the finest toy shop in the world, at the V&A Waterfront.Hamleys unique retail experience includes opportunities for children to play, engaging store design, expertise in service and amazing toy demonstration. 0