V&A Waterfront Free Wi-Fi

​​We offer free Wi-Fi access 24 hours a day.

Watershed WiFi - AlwaysOn Wi-Fi is available at the Watershed. All registered users are provided daily complimentary access ( 30min or 50MB/per day/per device ) or you also have the option to purchase premium access. Should you experience any issues logging onto the Wi-Fi system, please contact the AlwaysOn Helpdesk on 0861 HOTSPOT, or 0861 468 7768 for further assistance.

Victoria Wharf WiFi - Wireless high-speed internet access is available throughout the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre and in various other precincts throughout the V&A Waterfront. We've created maps to illustrate precinct coverage throughout the V&A Waterfront as well as in Victoria Wharf (Upper Level & Lower Level).  This is in partnership with and exclusively by Comtel Communications.

Wi-Fi technology enables computers to connect to the Internet  via a network of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ wireless access points. New visitors are provided with 40MB of data free per day. Additional data may be purchased via the free wifi landing page.

​​Five different purchase plans are available:

​​ ​ ​Standard Hotspot Rates 
Size Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 
​50MB ​R17.45 ​R20 
​100MB ​R29.82​R34 
​250MB ​R61.40​R70

Take the following steps to start using the wireless LAN (local area network):

•  Take note of original computer configuration settings prior to changing them.
•  Wi-Fi Card must be set to allow DHCP addressing.
•  Proxy server use must be turned off.
•  WEP must be disabled.
•  The network type is “Infrastructure” (not “Ad hoc”).
•  Personal firewall software must not be set to block programs from accessing various connection 
•  Scan wireless networks  
•  Select the SSID “Waterfront_Free_WiFi” in your wireless LAN settings.

Note that the Waterfront_Free_WiFi” network name will only appear if the “Preferred Network” option is not selected in the connection properties.

• Open your browser in order to be redirected to the Authentication Page.

If you have trouble connecting, disable and then re-enable the wireless network adapter on your device.  Once you have satisfied all these prerequisites, open your Internet browser, type any normal web address into the URL bar and you will be taken directly to the Altrix Hotsoft™ portal. 

This free area within the WLAN area serves as your “entrance portal” to the Internet. Here you can purchase further Internet credits and read essential information about your options for using Altrix Hotsoft™.

Your computing device requires a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ wireless network adapter that supports 802.11 a/b/g. Altrix Hotsoft™ supports most popular adapters and network interface cards.

Once you have connected to the Altrix Hotsoft™ wireless network, you can access www.waterfront.co.za​ with your free 40 MB of data. To use e-mail or connect to the Internet from your computer, you must purchase an access code, once your free data allowance is depleted.

When you enter your access code on the Internet access portal page, your browser will assign the access code you have purchased to your PC or PDA. Once assigned, the access code cannot be transferred to another device; each device requires its own code.

Please keep the access code confidential. Once you enter your code, agree to the Acceptable Use Policy and become validated in the network, your connection cannot be stolen and you will not need to enter your code again.

Altrix Hotsoft service is designed to be as hassle-free as possible. Internet services are set up without website filtering, content filtering or virus detection. You should always have up-to-date anti-virus software installed on any computer connected to a network or the Internet. Please ensure that you have read our Acceptable Use Policy and Security Information and Liability Disclaimer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Internet use, or require help with your connection, please call +27 861-COMTEL (266 835) for assistance.​